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Approved Builder - Dubai Lands Department / Registration No. 326.


Comprised of major Arch accentuating powerful rectangular elements, the building composition eludes to the endless possibilities the DUBAI ARCH offers, emanating from a solid and well structured past. As technology advances, it increases our ability to sculpt our manmade environment to flow with the landscape and embrace our surrounding.

No longer do we need to limit ourselves within rigid box structures and confined views. DUBAI ARCH has gone beyond the ordinary to create contemporary and stylish apartments with the use of all facilities.

The DUBAI ARCH has been designed to embody the environment while creating a new landmark, and instilling pride in its residents with accordance to their place in the community. Clad in Granite, the towers podium creates a rich presentation providing interest to passing sailors through a series of top heights and cornice lines. The breathtaking entrance of DUBAI ARCH adds grandeur of the super scaled forty story structure. From the entrance, a hall leads up to the building elevators, creating a human scaled backdrop. The tower has been articulated not only to create a variety of views but to establish a series of inter-related lively elements.

Expressed as sweeping arm on the curvilinear facades, this further accentuates the slenderness of these elements, while expressed horizontal balcony features on the fašade provides a counter balance. The Arch has been scaled to create a simple but powerful conclusion to the two solid elements expressed independently, both delicately and with power.

Dubai Arch Tower, 40-storey tower comprising of 384 apartments of studios, 1, 2, 3-bedrooms, and 4-bedroom duplex and Retail & Office space, is located at plot number JLT-PH1-G1 of the Jumeirah Lake Tower development of DMCC. The site is 33.00 meter by 5,000 meters, connected to another two towers in the same cluster by a Parking / Retail podium constructed by DMCC.

The site is located in one of the most prestigious emerging areas of Dubai which is comprised of mainly new, high rise, multi-functional towers containing apartments, offices, shopping centres and restaurants within close proximity and easy access to all major traffic routes. Dubai Arch Tower is a residential complex which will also house retail areas for establishment such as restaurants, shops, etc.

The Dubai Arch Tower is situated in a manner that all apartments will have access to enviable view. The site main frontage is on Shaikh Zayed Road while the back view overlooks the Jumeirah Island villas, over the mass of the lower towers, not to mention that both sides will have the lake view, thus affording an unimpeded views.

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Aerial view of Jumeirah Lake Towers : August 2009