Aber Group

Approved Builder - Dubai Lands Department / Registration No. 326.


This warehouse is a low rise structure to compliment your every need as if cruising along various delights. two parallel structures welcome you, ready to showcase only the best and to give you what you deserve.

Located at Dubai Investment Park, this warehouse provides you only the best quality to fit your lifestyle and the fast growing city-state that is Dubai!

We have taken plots of land, with a total area of 320,000 sq ft, at the Dubai Investment Park for the purpose of building warehouses as well as senior staff accommodation and labour accommodation. The park is located about 25 minutes from downtown Dubai close to Jebel Ali port.

Dubai Investment Park is a unique mix-use of industrial, residential, commercial and recreational development, developed and managed by Dubai Investment Park Development Company, wholly owned by Dubai Investment.

Dubai Investment Park offers a world-class infrastructure, state of the art facilities, and quality service for manufacturing, housing, medical, research, distribution and logistic purposes.

Dubai Investment Park has a total area of 32 Million square meters, consisting of 4 business zones including Commercial Zone, Industrial Zone, Residential & Recreational Zone and Educational Zone.

DIP Warehouse